Hi Pitch colorbond roofing.

About us

At GM Metal Roofing we understand the hard work behind your home and dedicate ourselves to ensuring your roof stands out above the rest.


We provide outstanding quality and meticulous workmanship using only premium Australian made materials.  We come to you and offer knowledgeable advice or alternatively we can work off your plan to ensure your home becomes everything you dream of.  At GM Metal Roofing we understand our success relies on your satisfaction and therefore make this our number one priority.


At GM Metal Roofing we pride ourselves on only using Australian made materials of the highest standard.  Colorbond steel has been tested for over 40 years in some of our countries harshest conditions.  As well as looking fantastic with over 20 different colors, Colorbond steel is recognised as a key component of ‘green’ housing.  As it has a low thermal mass, it reduces the amount of heat to be radiated into your home during the summer months and helps to keep the heat inside your home in winter.  As colorbond steel is lighter than roof tiles it also has the benefit of reducing the weight on your house frame, helping to ensure your homes sturdiness for much longer.


Peace of Mind

Colorbond Steel offers home owners an extended warranty on their product against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements, as well as against paint flake and peeling.  Here at GM Metal Roofing, we provide you with a pre-approved warranty for your colorbond products, which you can easily activate at the completion of your job.  For extra piece of mind, GM Metal Roofing will also supply you with a certificate of compliance.  This is your guarantee and warranty on all of our workmanshiop for seven years.  So, with all of your warranties covered by us, please do not hesitate to call for a free quote to make your house stand out above the rest.





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